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Analyst in chairBacterial Gas Characterization

Isotech scientists have pioneered the use of isotopic analysis for stray gas identification, developing techniques that have become the industry standard.

Radiogenic isotope analysis (14C, 3H) can be used to differentiate biogenic from thermogenic gas and to detect the source of stray gases in landfills, pipelines, reservoirs and buried coals and shales. The most common stray gases are methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The testing suites listed below are those most generally utilized for bacterial gas characterization, however, we can tailor our services to your individual project needs. We can also assist you with sampling and sampling containers.

BG-1: Level 1 Bacterial Gas Characterization
BG-2: Level 2 Bacterial Gas Characterization
BG-3: Level 3 Bacterial Gas Characterization




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