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Stable isotope analysis is becoming increasingly important in pharmaceutical operations such as batch quality control, product identification, and synthetic pathways. Because these analyses do not require anything to be added to or changed within the compounds, they offer an improvement on other fingerprinting techniques. For example, this approach provides a means for product identification and production quality control without changing the original compound by adding dyes, markers, or other chemical adjustments.

Using elemental analyzer/isotope ratio mass spectrometry (EA/IRMS) or thermal conversion-EA/IRMS (TCEA/IRMS), active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) can be fingerprinted from different manufacturers by graphically observing the isotopic ratio patterns between the various elements of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur. By using isotope data, for instance, it may be possible to differentiate various world sources of pharmaceuticals and their manufacturing processes.

Suggested Readings
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