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Sampling Procedures | Shipping Guidelines

The IsoTube Gas Sampling System – comprised of a Manifold and Wellhead Sampler specifically designed to work with single-use IsoTubes — was created in response to sampling and shipping difficulties we and our customers experienced. Order

To assist our customers with installing the System properly, collecting samples and shipping them safely to us, we have developed a series of instructional materials. All are available in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Installing The System
IsoTube Gas Sampling Manifold Installation Instructions (PDF)

IsoTube Gas Sampling Manifold Installation video clip Coming Soon!

Wellhead Sampler



Collecting Samples
Using Single-Use IsoTubes® (PDF)
Using IsoTube Wellhead Sampler (PDF)
IsoTube Wellhead Sampler video clip (10MB)

Shipping Samples
Flammable Gas Samples in IsoTubes



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