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IsoTube Instructions | Shipping Guidelines

The following sampling techniques are commonly used by many of Isotech's customers. If you have a unique situation and need further assistance, please contact us. All instructions are available in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Mudgas Samples
Using Single-Use IsoTubes® (PDF)

Dissolved Gas Samples from Domestic and Municipal Water Wells
Using IsoFlasks® (PDF)

Wellhead and Pipeline Natural Gas Samples
In double-ended gas cylinders (PDF)
Using IsoTube Wellhead Sampler (PDF)
IsoTube Wellhead Sampler video clip (10MB)

Hydrogen Sulfide Samples
Using IsoTrap
® (PDF)
IsoScrubber (PDF)

Soil-Gas Samples
In gas bags with a hand pump (PDF)
In LP tanks (PDF)

Cuttings Samples
In IsoJars® (PDF)

Chain of Custody Form
Download Static PDF, Print & Complete

Download Fillable PDF, Open & Complete



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