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IsoTube Instructions | Sampling Procedures

Shipping address for Samples:

Stratum Reservoir (Isotech)

Sample Receiving

 1308 Parkland Ct

 Champaign, IL 61821-1826


To ensure that your samples arrive safely in our laboratory, we have developed detailed shipping guidelines. For your convenience we have also included MSDS information. All documents are available in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Flammable gas samples in IsoTubes® and MSDS for UN2037 (PDF)

Gas samples in LP tanks and MSDS for UN1971 (PDF)

Natural gas samples in cylinders and MSDS for UN1971 (PDF)

Special instructions for international shipments (PDF)

HAZMAT Certification
You must be certified to ship hazardous goods before sending flammable and/or toxic gases to Isotech’s laboratory.

Numerous companies offer training courses at your facility or online. If you’re interested in an online course, please contact us and we’ll provide you with the necessary information.



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