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BG-1: Level 1 Bacterial Gas Characterization

Applications: Useful for distinguishing petrogenic gas (natural gas) from bacterial gas. Also provides information on the microbial pathway for bacterial gas and determines whether a gas has been bacterially oxidized. This analysis is particularly advantageous when only small samples are available or when rapid turnaround is necessary.

Sample size required: Minimum sample size 20cc (STP), 100cc recommended. CH4 must be 1.0% and there should be sufficient sample to provide at least 1.0cc (STP) of CH4 (preferably, much more). CO2 must be at least 0.5%.

Analyses includes: Gas chromatographic measurement of the concentrations of N2, O2, CO2, Ar, H2, He, CH4, C2H6, C2H4, C3H8 , i C4H10, n C4H10, i C5H12, n C5H12, and C6+, mass spectrometric determination of the δ13C of CH4, δD of CH4, and δ13C of CO2.

Expected Turnaround Time:
Standard Service 20 business days
Priority Service 10 business days
Rush Service* 6 business days
*Advance arrangements required for RUSH SERVICE




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