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Water Analyses

Dissolved Gas Analysis of Groundwater

Applications: Evaluating potential hazards from these gases, water well baseline studies, and stray gas identification

Dissolved Gas analysis

Dissolved gases can be extracted from water for analysis. Water samples can be collected by different methods; we recommend the use of the IsoFlask in most situations. Reports will include a full compositional analysis of the headspace and dissolved gas concentrations in the water for methane, ethane and propane. Additional dissolved gas calculations are available for some components upon request.

Sample size: We recommend that you fill the IsoFlask with 600-750 mL of Water. The IsoFlask will collect any associated gas with the water. If you wish to use a bottle method for collection please contact us for recommendations. Note that bottle methods may over or under represent the gas content of the water. We do have the capability to analyze dissolved gas from VOA vials or similarly sized containers. However, the amount of gas available would severely limit the isotopic work possible.

Sample Container: The IsoFlask is the recommended container for this analysis. Other containers used are HDPE bottles with septum integral to the cap, flip top style glass bottles and VOA vials.

Preservative: IsoFlasks have a biocide that prevents microbial action. IsoFlasks should be kept from excessive heat and sunlight. Other containers require refrigeration and shipment on ice.

Holding time: IsoFlasks can be held unrefrigerated for up to two months. For other containers, if the sample is kept refrigerated, we recommend shipping the sample to us with in two weeks of sampling.

Shipping: IsoFlask can be shipped using your preferred method. For other containers, we recommend the sample be shipped on ice and overnighted to the lab. Please do not ship on a Friday as we only receive samples Monday through Friday.

Analysis Suites
GC dissolved gas
DG-1 - includes Diss Gas complete composition, δ13C and δD of CH4
DG-2 -includes DG-1 plus δ13C only of C2H6 and C3H8



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The IsoFlask is designed specifically for the collection and shipment of groundwater samples for dissolved gas analysis.

IsoFlask sampling instructions

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