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Designed specifically for the collection of soil or core type samples (~2”/5 cm diameter), the IsoPak offers these important benefits:
Captures gases emitted from samples for chemical and isotopic analysis
Reduces air contamination—prior to heat sealing, air can be "squeezed out" allowing for richer samples
Saves on shipping costs thanks to small, lightweight design
Samples can be stored for extended periods of time with very little change in the compositional or isotopic data of the gases.

Carbon Isotope Data in IsoPaks (PDF)

non-reactive Non-reactive:
reduced permeability to species of interest (hydrocarbons, water vapor, major fixed gases, etc.)
transparent Transparent, tough, stand-up pouch design allows for visible sample inspection
removable funnel Removable funnel allows for sample introduction without compromising the sealing portion of the container multiple seals Multiple Seals
• Zipper lock (for keeping materials out of sealing area)
• Dual-durometer field clip holds gases for up to 3 days unchanged
heat seal Final heat seal
Using multiple heat seals increases hold time for gases (approx. 2 months)
septum Septum for extraction of headspace gases for analysis or transfer to permanent container

IsoPak Product Flyer (PDF)

IsoPak Sampling Instructions (PDF)

How to Use IsoPaks video clip (5.9 MB)

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