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Analyst in labNatural Gas Analysis

Stable isotope analysis (13C/12C,2H/1H, and 15N/14N) of natural gas samples allows fingerprinting of gases for oil and gas exploration, reservoir characterization and production allocation, as well as identification of storage gas, pipeline leaks and bacterial methane.

The testing suites listed below are those most generally utilized for natural gas analysis. Some analyses are prerequisites of others. For example, a compositional analysis is needed first if an isotopic analysis is to be conducted. Many other options are available as well. If you need a customized solution, call us and we will tailor our services to the needs of your project.

NG-1: Level 1 Natural Gas Characterization
NG-2: Level 2 Natural Gas Characterization
NG-3: Level 3 Natural Gas Characterization
NG-4: Level 4 Natural Gas Characterization




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