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The IsoTube Gas Sampling System was developed in response to sampling and shipping difficulties we and our customers experienced. IsoTubes are now being used by hundreds of customers in 30 countries around the globe.

IsoTubes offer many advantages over other sampling containers:
Durable and reliable
Rigid structure is far stronger than gas bags and less susceptible to leakage. Long-term testing shows virtually no chemical or isotopic degradation of gases stored for >3 years.
Easier to use than gas bags
Configuring the IsoTube Gas Sampling Manifold in-line with normal mud-logging equipment allows instant sample collection with a simple flip of the valve control handle, without interfering with other monitoring equipment. Using our IsoTube Wellhead Sampler, it is possible to safely fill or transfer pressurized samples into IsoTubes.
Preserves sample integrity
Each IsoTube is individually tested to ensure sample integrity.
Easier, faster and less expensive to ship
The smaller volume and weight of IsoTubes reduces shipping costs by 85%, compared to bags which require an outer “paint can” for shipping (based on a FedEx shipment from Houston to Champaign). Samples can be legally shipped on both passenger and cargo aircraft according to IATA regulations, which allows for rapid return of samples to our laboratory. HAZMAT packaging, developed and tested specifically for IsoTubes, is included with every order.
Lower cost overall
The cost per sample (including container costs and shipping) for IsoTubes is about 25% less than for gas bags. And because we take care of recycling returned IsoTubes, you save disposal costs for bags and shipping materials.
IsoTubes are >99.9% recyclable.

IsoTube Product Flyer (PDF) - English | Spanish

NOTE: IsoTubes are NOT suitable for gases containing hydrogen sulfide (H2S; sour gas)

IsoTube Equipment

gas sampling manifold
IsoTube Gas Sampling Manifold
IsoTubes were originally designed for sampling during mudgas logging. The simple “snap-in” and “flow-through” features of the IsoTube Gas Sampling Manifold allow samples to be taken instantaneously from a flow stream by simply flipping the valve control handle. This can all be done without interfering with the operation of other mud-logging equipment.

Collecting Samples Using Single-Use Isotubes® (PDF)

IsoTube Gas Sampling Manifold Installation Instructions (PDF)

wellhead sampler

IsoTube Wellhead Sampler
IsoTubes can also be used as an alternative to expensive cylinders. Because IsoTubes are shipped under the UN2037 classification, it is acceptable to ship them under pressure with a limit of 80 psig. Using our IsoTube Wellhead Sampler, it is possible to safely fill or transfer pressurized samples into IsoTubes.

Using IsoTube Wellhead Sampler (PDF)


box of 25 isotubes


Box of 25 IsoTubes with HAZMAT Shipper

septum valve


Septum Valve



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