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High-Precision Isotopic Analysis

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Sampling Products

IsoTube | IsoJar | IsoTrap | Cylinder | IsoFlask | IsoBag | IsoScrubber

Because Isotech understands that providing customers with the best possible data begins with the best possible sampling containers, we developed the IsoTube®, IsoJar® IsoPak™, IsoTrap® and IsoFlask®. We also offer other high-quality sampling products to assist our customers with the sampling process.

The IsoTube is the industry standard for mudgas sampling.

The IsoJar is ideal for sampling cuttings and mud from drilling operations.

The IsoTrap provides an elegant solution for determining the sulfur isotopic ratio of H2S.

We rent cylinders for sampling gas at pressures up to 1800 psig.

The IsoFlask is the most accurate way of collecting dissolved gas samples.[1]

The IsoBag has been tested for isotopic integrity of hydrocarbons over multiple months. It is ideal for soil gas sampling and any other sampling at atmospheric conditions

The IsoScrubber is designed to scrub sour gas samples for subsequent isotopic analysis.



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