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Oxygen Isotope Analysis (18O/16O or δ18O)

Isotopic analysis of oxygen can be carried out on a variety of different sample types. Organic solids and liquids can be analyzed using a Thermal Conversion Elemental Analyzer (TC/EA) interfaced with an isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS). Water samples are done by CRDS. Oxygen isotopes of dissolved nitrate is done using ion exchange techniques, followed by TC/EA-IRMS. Carbonates are done by acid digestion followed by dual inlet IRMS.




Sample Type Method Recommended
Sample Size
Water CRDS* 10 ml
Organic solids TC/EA-IRMS 1 g
Organic liquids TC/EA-IRMS 1 ml
Nitrate1 Ion exchange 1,000 ml
Sulfates2 Barium sulfate precipitation 1,000 ml
Carbonates2 Acid digestion 500 mg

*For clean fresh water only. Purification steps require additional procedures and incur additional costs.
1 Includes nitrogen (15N/14N) analysis
2 Includes sulfur (34S/32S) analysis
3 Includes carbon (13C/12C) analysis



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