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High-Precision Isotopic Analysis

Water Analyses

Dissolved Hydrogen Sulfide Isotopic Analysis

Applications: H2S and sulfate source studies.

d34S of H2S

H2S is evolved from solution, converted to silver sulfide and analyzed via EA-IRMS analysis. A minimum concentration of 3 mg/L is required for analysis.

Sample size: We recommend sending 1 liter of water. Analyses on smaller amounts are possible. If you wish to analyze less than 500 mL please contact us first.

Sample Container: We recommend a 1 liter HDPE (plastic) bottle. The bottle should have no headspace. Fill the bottle with a surface tension bubble and cap.

Preservative: The sample must be kept chilled to minimize microbial action. It is recommended that 1mL of 25% NaOH is added.

Holding time: Samples should be overnighted to the laboratory. Sampling events should be planned for Monday through Thursday to allow receipt of the sample within 48 hours. If shipment of the sample cannot happen the same or next day the sample should be frozen.

Shipping: Samples must be shipped on ice and overnighted to our lab. Do not ship on a Friday as there is no one to receive the sample and put in refrigeration over the weekend. Please include a COC.



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