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High-Precision Isotopic Analysis

Water Analyses

Isotopic Analysis of Nitrate

Applications: Nitrate contamination studies

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δ15N and δ18O of Nitrate

δ15N and δ18O of Nitrate is analyzed by first isolation via ion exchange and then EA/TCEA-IRMS analysis. A minimum concentration of 3 mg/L (as nitrate) is required for analysis.

Sample size: We recommend sending 1 liter of water. Analyses on smaller amounts are possible. If you wish to analyze less than 500 mL please contact us first.

Sample Container: We recommend a 1 liter HDPE (plastic) bottle.

Preservative: The sample should be field filtered using at least 0.45 micron or smaller pore-size diameter filter. The sample must be kept chilled to minimize microbial action.

Holding time: Samples should be sent in within two weeks of sampling.

Shipping: Samples must be shipped on ice and overnighted to our lab. Do not ship on a Friday as there is no one to receive the sample and put in refrigeration over the weekend. Please include a COC.



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